Apollo 8.1 (Verus Foundation Book 2)

Matt Eaton

Astronaut Frank Borman is stranded and alone on the surface of the moon. He can't remember how he got there, much less what he's supposed to be doing. The last thing he remembers is standing in the desert as he desperately donned his spacesuit. At best, his portable life support system has a half an hour of air left. It's pitch black all around him. His radio is dead. He'd scream in frustration, but it would only burn through his air more quickly. Whoever conspired to leave him stranded, it can't have been NASA — Armstrong and Aldrin's lunar landing is still months away. Which only leaves the Russians… but surely not. Why can't he remember leaving Earth? Why has he been abandoned? When the sun finally lifts above the lunar horizon, Borman realises he's further away from home than he could possibly have imagined. Apollo 8.1 is compulsive reading. Better strap yourself in...

Vagus Publishing 208 pages

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