Woven Fates (Others of Edenton Book 11)

Brandy L Rivers

No matter how far you run, the past always catches up. Mark Wellings started life as a witch, but he’d locked the memories away when he became a werewolf and gave up his magic. Now nightmares remind him of the hell he escaped. Gina Somerset cannot remember the tragic circumstances that led to her becoming a werewolf. Mark eased a deep fear from the first time they made eye contact. Now she wants to help him face his own dark past. Something evil lingers and Mark senses the danger. Everything changes in one fateful moment when Gina is captured by vampires. One of the witches abducted recognize Mark and tells the remaining members of his old coven. What brings Mark and Gina closer together may tear them apart as Mark’s past catches up.

Brandy L Rivers 364 pages

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